At Bel-Zhan you do not need to fix yourself to a programme.. You can decide on the spot which hike or excursion you want to join and when you want to go.

Tailor made

In the standard package one excursion and one hike tailored to your wishes (depending on the required difficulty level and intensity) includes.

Compose yourself

If you want you can always book extra hikes and/or excursions. Ask about prices and possibilities via email


Just hopping by and stay a few nights is possible as well! The price of an overnight stay depends on the number of persons and nights. Inform via email or on the spot.

10 days Bel-Zhan


  • ☼ 8 nights in a yurt lodge, tent or dacha in the gorge
  • ☼ transfer to and from Bishkek airport
  • ☼ half-board
  • ☼ 2-day hikes optionally, with guide
  • ☼ one day excursion optionally

Price p/p:

☞ 1 persoon* € 587,00
☞ 2-6 persons € 529,00
☞ 6 persons or more € 489,00

More information

14 days Bel-Zhan

Special offer


  • ☼ 10 nights in a yurt lodge, tent or dacha
  • ☼ transfer to and from Bishkek airport
  • ☼ half-board
  • ☼ 4-day hikes optionally, with guide
  • ☼ one day excursion optionally

Price p/p:

☞ 1 persoon* € 733,00
☞ 2-6 persons € 613,00
☞ 6 persons or more € 571,00

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1 – 10 July 2018

Yoga in Kyrgyzstan


  • ☼ 9 nights in a yurt lodge, tent, dacha or guesthouse
  • ☼ transfer from and to (the airport of) Bishkek
  • ☼ transport – tour around the Issyk-Kulmeer
  • ☼ half-board
  • ☼ minimum 5 days, twice a day yoga classes
  • ☼ 4 excursions and a 2-day hike
  • ☼ use of canoe or mountain bike

Price p/p:

More information

☞1 person * €994,00
☞2-6 persons € 894,00
☞6 persons or more € 725,00

World Nomad Games Tour


  • ☼ 8 nights in a yurt lodge, huis, toren of cottage
  • ☼ transfer to and from Bishkek airport
  • ☼ traditioneel diner bij aankomst in Bel-Zhan
  • ☼ 1-daagse hike naar de Nomad Games met gids
  • ☼ kookworkshop en brood bakken in de tandyr
  • ☼ dagdeel kanovaren op het Issyk-Kul meer en 1 dag mountain bike huur
  • ☼ een excursie naar de warmwaterbronnen in Örüktü

Price p/p:

☞ 1 persoon* € 770,00
☞ 2-6 persons, p.p. € 770,00
☞ 6 persons or more, p.p. € 770,00

More information

Bel-Zhan is a social enterprise. This means that we will invest our profit in local education.
After payment your booking for the required accommodation will be confirmed. Arrival is possible on any day of the week, on the basis of availability. The prices for the several persons are based on a yurt for two people.
For an uneven group of people such as (3 persons, 5 persons, and so on) we can provide an extra bed, or a room for an additional charge of 12 euro per night for a single room.
If available, the spectacular Gidus Tower or Dirk's cottage can be rented.

* double room for one person. For the above mentioned Terms and Conditions of Bel-Zhan.
For information on flights and other travel information, see Question and Answer

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  • After that we will make a definite reservation.

Bel-Zhan is a foundation in Kyrgyzstan, founded by Jacobiene Ritsema and Ludmila Gromova.
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