Yoga in Kyrgyzstan

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Yoga in Kyrgyzstan 2018

Yoga in Kyrgyzstan 2018

This 10-day adventure trip is a beautiful combination of yoga, meditation and introduction to the nomadic culture and the nature of Kyrgyzstan. During the yoga classes led by a professional yoga teacher we will stay in the Bel-Zhan yurt lodge in Grigorievka. We make a two-day hike to the Grigorievka Gorge and stay there two nights. One night the former Government dacha of Soviet- and Kyrgyz leaders located. The dacha has simple rooms with toilet and sink. The complex has a sauna. The area is extremely beautiful and quiet at night. The second night we sleep in (Double)tents. in the morning there is one to one and a half hour yoga class, in the afternoon yoga and meditation. In between, there is opportunity to, walk alone or, or with a guide in the mountains and get acquainted with the local population. After the seven-day yoga retreat we make a round trip to the Issyk-Kulmeer and visit even more special cultural places and natural beauty.

Terra Yoga

The purpose of yoga is let your mind rest by physical and breathing exercises. Being occupied with your body, you stay (literally) close to yourself. This creates space to listen to your own voice. You practice with attention and experience, especially the moment of now. TerraYoga brings you (back) to yourself.
In addition to yoga postures -the central starting point of the lessons-, TerraYoga learns you about various kinds of mindfulness- and meditation exercises that you can apply in daily life. The lessons are brought to you in a light way, with plenty of room for humor and fun.
In the morning, the lessons are mainly focused on yoga, in the afternoon on a combination of yoga and meditation. Both in the morning and in the afternoon the lessons take one to one and a half hours. The whole trip is one of rest and relaxation.

Christel Jansen

The yoga- and meditation classes are given by Christel Jansen Terra Yoga. She is giving yoga classes since 2004, when she lived in Portugal for a number of years . Her training as a yoga teacher, she followed in Sintra (Portugal) and the Blikopener/Hans ’t Hart. In addition, she regularly attends education courses in the Netherlands- and abroad. The name of her school ‘TerraYoga’ refers to the Portuguese word for earth. For Christel, yoga is above all a means to have both feet on the ground. Apart from the yoga school, Christel operates as a writer/journalist (christeljansen.nl). She also writes about yoga, amongst others for Yogamagazine. For Happinez she wrote Yoga – Manual for a lighter life.

See also the website of Terra Yoga

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Program 10 day yoga and meditation tour Kyrgyzstan

Day 1

The tour starts in Bishkek. Depending on your desire and the flight You book, we can pick You up from the airport or book a hotel in Bishkek for you. The transfer from the airport is included in the price, an overnight stay in a hotel in Bishkek for your own expenses.
The first day we drive by mini-bus to Grigorievka, at the Issyk-Kul Lake. On the way we visit the Burana Tower. This tower is the remains of a mosque with minaret, and the only remaining building of the ancient city of Balasagun. The city was founded at the end of the 9th century, by the Karakhanid dynasty. Via a steep staircase and a winding staircase in the tower visitors can climb to the top.
Upon arrival in Bel-Zhan there is a traditional Kyrgyz meal, prepared on the fire of the ochok, a typical Kyrgyz way of preparing food. Traditionally nomad people eat a lot of meat, but there are also delicious vegetarian dishes! We spend the night at Bel-Zhan, in your choice of accommodation: a yurt, a wooden cottage, Gidus' Tower, the tent house or the Russian home.

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Day 2

We start the day with one to one and a half hour of yoga, outside on the grounds of Bel-Zhan.
Afterwards we will visit the hot water springs on 20 kilometers distance from Bel-Zhan. A beautiful place between the lakes and the snow-capped mountains. in the afternoon there is yoga and meditation at Bel-Zhan.
The evening meal we enjoy at one of the neighbors. It makes you get a close acquaintance with the local culture in a Kyrgyz village in a relaxed way.

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Day 3

After breakfast, we start with a hike of about two hours to the dacha in the Grigorievka, or Chon-Aksugorge. Our luggage will come with the van.
We have to have one to one and a half hour yoga class, in one of the cottages (garden houses) of the dacha. After lunch you can explore the surroundings of the dacha.
in the afternoon there is yoga and meditation.
We spend the night in the dacha. This shelter has two- and single rooms with shared toilet and washbasin. On request the sauna can be heated and the plunge pool filled with ice cold mountain water.

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Day 4

After breakfast, we start with yoga.
After that we start our 4-5 hour walk to the adjacent Semyonovka or Kirchin gorge. The tour is accompanied by a local guide and a porter. The Issyk-Kul: you carry your own sleeping bag, mat and personal stuff. We visit a nomad family in the mountains. For the enthusiast there is kymyz (mare's milk). For others, there is tea. You will get to know 'nomadic life '. We eat with the family and spend the night in tents.

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Day 5

After breakfast we walk through the Kirchin Valley and Gorge, the scene of the World Nomad Games 2016, we walk back to Bel-Zhan. A walk of about three hours. After the afternoon yoga is there dinner at the neighbors or at Bel-Zhan. Overnight at Bel-Zhan.

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Day 6

After breakfast and the morning yoga, we offer a kayak trip on the Issyk-Kulmeer. There are single- and double kayaks. The emptiness and silence on the Lake, where you encounter almost no motorized water sports, is sensational! Just like paddling between snowy mountain peaks. If kayaking is not your favorite activity, there is the alternative of a bike ride on a mountain bike. In the afternoon there is yoga. Dinner and accommodation at Bel-Zhan.

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Day 7

After breakfast and the morning yoga we'll make a tour with a guide through the village of Grigorievka. We visit among other things a Muslim- and a Russian orthodox cemetery, the culture house and a fish farm. We have lunch at one of the villagers who live near the Lake. For the afternoon yoga and meditation we go back to Bel-Zhan. Dinner and accommodation at Bel-Zhan.

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Day 8

After the morning yoga we will go to Karakol and visit the museum of the explorer Prezjevalski.
We will have lunch in Karakol and drive to Jeti Oguz, where we will visit the red rock formations in the gorge. Then we drive to Bel-Tam, near Bokonbaevo. In this yurt camp on the shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake we will have dinner and spend the night.

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Day 9

There is the possibility for hiking or horseback riding in the mountains near Bokonbaevo.
Overnight in yurt camp Bel-Tam on the Lake shore.

Day 10

After breakfast at Bel-Tam, we depart to Bishkek (5 -6 hour drive).
Here our tour ends. Depending on your desire and the flight You book, we can take You to the airport or book a hotel in Bishkek for you. The transfer to the airport is included in the price, an overnight stay in a hotel in Bishkek for your own expenses.

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