At Belzhan we give our guests an impression of authentic Kyrgyz life and at the same time we generate income for the local population. 
Jacobiene – director
Our philosophy


Belzhan wants to be a base from which multiple income-generating initiatives can be started. To name a few of these initiatives:

  • One of our volunteers has set up a yurt camp in the mountains near Belzhan.
  • The neighbor across the street has started a small shop where our guests can get drinks and snacks.
  • The plan for 2022 is to start making cheese in a former sovkhoz in the neighboring village.


At Belzhan we have organised a summer school where we provide English lessons to the children of Grigorievka. During their three months school holidays they can our free English classes twice a week.

Bridging the gap

Belzhan bridges the gap between the villagers and our guests. With knowledge of local culture and history, and a solid network within Grigorievka and the surrounding villages, we link our guests to local families and service providers. We take pride in delivering customised services. Whether you like to connect with our neighbors, help to harvest fruits and make jams at Belzhan, join a shepherd to mark his sheep in the mountains, or visit the Sunday market – our staff tries to make your wishes come true.

Visit a semi-nomad settlement

Horse riding with local shepherds

Dinner at the neighbors

Sheep in the mountains

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