Yurt Lodge

Bel-Zhan offers the adventurer and nature lover a unique experience. Stay overnight in a comfortable, furnished yurt, a tree house with a view of the Tien Shan mountains or a log cabin which is situated in the stylish area of the lodge. The lodge has showers and toilets and a large lounge area with outdoor kitchen, where guests can enjoy local products, fresh bread, herb tea or fruit juice . Bel Zhan is situated in the village Grigorevka, where the locals grow their own apples, pears, cherries, raspberries and other fruit and the cows and sheep wander in the street.

Social Enterprise

Bel-Zhan is a social enterprise and contributes to local economy. We offer work and an income to the villagers and buy their local products. We want to overcome poverty and at the same time keep the unique nature reserve Issyk-Kul for future generations. The profit made from this enterprise will be invested in education.


Also the surroundings of the Issyk-Kul are stunning in winter. Document film maker, Peter Franken travelled with me in December to film there. You can see in his videoclips below the magnificent nature, the nomadic life, the atmosphere in the village Grigorevka and preparations for the construction of the yurt lodge. These pictures are also made for the programme Grensverleggers; more soon!




Moslim kerkhof aan het Issyk-Kulmeer

Discover the hidden treasures of the Issyk-Kul lake

☀ Cultuur, nature and spirituality

☀ Yoga, wander and meditation


Bergrivier in Tien-Shan

Experience a 2 day trekking

Unique 4 day hike

With guide, overnight in a tent or yurt


Kyrgyz felt crafts

Market in Cholpon-Ata

Hot springs Ürüktü

Nomadic life in the Grigorevka gorge

Oriental culture in Karakol

Bel-Zhan is a foundation in Kyrgyzstan, founded by Jacobiene Ritsema and Ludmila Gromova.
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