the World Nomad Games 2018

Polo op paarden

Headless goat polo at the Issyk-Kul lake

In the first week of September 2018** in Kyrgyzstan for the third time the World Nomad Games will take place.

This unique event will take place at two locations near Bel-Zhan: in the hypodrome in Cholpon-Ata and in the Kyrchyn or Semyonovka Gorge. Cholpon-Ata is located at 20 minutes drive from Bel-Zhan and the Kirchin Gorge at 10 minutes drive or three hours walk through the Grigorievka or Chon-Aksu Gorge.

Bel-Zhan organises a ten-day World Nomad Games Tour 2018, in the first week of September 2018**.

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Bel-Zhan price: 770,- Euro per person

The price includes -:

  • ☼ transfer Bishkek-Grigorievka
  • ☼ traditional Kyrgyz dinner upon arrival in Bel-Zhan
  • ☼ 8 nights Bed & Breakfast at Bel-Zhan *
  • ☼ earlybird workshop bread baking in the tandyr at Bel-Zhan
  • ☼ storytelling evenings by the campfire
  • ☼ cooking workshop at Bel-Zhan
  • ☼ kayaking on the Issyk-Kulmeer – 4 hour kayaking with instructor
  • ☼ mountain bike – one day mountain bike rental
  • ☼ excursion to the hot springs in Örüktü
  • ☼ hike to the Nomad Games in the Kyrchyn Gorge, through the Grigorievka Gorge, with guide
  • ☼ mushroom picking in the mountains, with guide
  • ☼ Transport roun trip Issyk-Kul Lake
  • ☼ 1 night Bed & Breakfast at Bel-Tam yurt camp on the south shore of Lake Issyk-Kul
  • Not included:

  • ☼ airline ticket from / to Bishkek
  • ☼ tickets for the opening ceremony / closing ceremony of the World Nomad Games 2018 (prices between 5 and 50 euro per ticket).
  • ☼ diners / day lunches 2-10, dinner at Bel-Zhan cost about 5 Euro, lunch or lunch bag 4 Euro,
  • ☼ horse riding excursion
  • * in double or twin accommodation; a limited number of single accommodations is available for an additional cost of 100,- Euro

    ** Informally, the dates are fixed at 3 up to 8 September. Once the date has been formally adopted by the World Nomad Games Committee, we will inform you accordingly.

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    World Nomad Games Tour 2018

    World Nomad Games Tour 2018

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