Kyrgyzstan consists for 90% of mountains with peaks up to 7500 meters and at the same time has a great variety in landscapes. From green alpine meadows to lunar landscapes with colorful rocks. Most of the mountains belong to the Tien Shan Mountains. The hundreds of unique mountain lakes, many hot springs, lush green mountain pastures with shepherds and an ancient nomadic culture make hiking through the high mountains of Tien Shan a true experience. In addition to the spectacular mountain peaks and lakes, there are Kaska Suu’s or silver rivers, quiet villages, edelweiss carpets and red rock outcrops. Part of the Silk Road that connected ‘East’ with ‘West’ was once located here.

Belzhan can offer hikes with a local guide for beginner and medium level.

Dinner with the neighbours

Our neighbours cook traditional Kyrgyz or Russian food. In our menu we provide a choice of meals and families to dine with. At their homes you experience how people in the village live. For conversations you will need a dictionary, but facial expressions are common language. Try your senses!

Kayaking the Issyk-Kul Lake

At Belzhan we have four single and two double sea kayaks for rent. Belzhan wants to promote non motorised water sports. Try the silence of a mountain lake with a stunning view of snowy mountain peaks all around you while you paddle.

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